Comenius 2.1

2005-2008     Comenius 2.1 Multilaterales Projekt EUBuildIT
Medienzentrum Kaiserslautern/Koordinator

EuBuildIT / European Buildings and Information Technologies
(Buildings – Testimony to European Cultural Heritage    

EuBuldIT / Europäische Gebäude und Informationstechnologien
(Gebäude – Zeugnisse des europäischen kulturellen Erbes)

EUBuildIT LogoAus der Projektbeschreibung:
The EuBuildIT project is a collaboration between universities, schools, institutions for teacher training and institutions for e-learning and museums from seven European countries. Its objective is to show that buildings are a witness to European cultural heritage. For primary students the materials will draw attention to features of buildings and ask children to interpret them; for secondary and tertiary students we will, in addition, draw attention to controversial issues within or between communities to which buildings present an enduring testimony. To improve the quality of education it is the aim of the project to develop multilingual modules within subject specific teaching programmes in German, English, Portuguese, Spanish, Galician, Finnish, Swedish, Samic, Polish and Estonian. Subjects include above all native language, foreign languages, history, geography, sociology, religious and philosophical education. The target groups are teachers, student teachers, students, other educational staff and staff working in local heritage education institutions, universities, museums, libraries, archives, research and training centres and the Internet users in general.There will be two major types of activities and related outputs: virtual (multi-lingual interactive web pages and communication media, on-line worksheets) and real (workshops, working phases in schools, multi-lingual didactic cultural heritage itineraries and informative materials).